How to look glamorous on Zoom!

Kanwal Toor - Jewellery courtesy
Kanwal Toor. Jewellery courtesy :

Lights, Camera, Action

It is very important to face natural light from a window during your virtual meetings.

'Natural light is often the best and provides a soft glow to your skin, it's like having an Instagram filter on.

If you don't have natural light coming in, invest in a decent ring light. (AMAZON!!)

Having a second light source facing you will allow you to look even more radiant, if you find the natural light is not strong enough.

Give Yourself A Sound Check

It's important your sound quality is as good as your visuals as you'll need sound to communicate with your audience.

If you are holding your online meetings in a small room, then using your in-built microphone on the laptop should be sufficient'.

However if you are in a bigger space, you may want to consider investing in a microphone to boost the quality of your sound.

Background, Background, Background

No one wants to see your washing, unmade bed, crying children (guilty!!!) or dirty dishes in the background. You should arrange your background and if you're using Zoom you can also choose to use virtual backgrounds. Duh.

Green plants or a neat pile of books generally look nice. I use a large painting behind me - looks like a natural frame for your video.

Look the Part

Now you've got your background sorted, wear a contrasting colour, or a bright shirt to make you pop and stand out from your background. Depending on the light and a few other factors, online meetings can also make you look a bit washed out. Wearing makeup will go far.

Go get them!


Kanwal Toor